1. fursuitswag:

    Fursuit Creator


    Dat mane doe.


    (via cozyfurries)

  2. My love as deep; the more I give to thee, - by Ant

    jenari  jenari

    silverfoxwolf  silverfoxwolf

  3. Europa partial - by drakonicknight

  4. Remmmy - by madefuryou

  5. omgfursuits:

    Brokken T. Wolf’s “Dante.”

    Taken at MWFF 2011.

  6. Bixx Katt - by Sharpe19

  9. Honest Commission - by ThatsFurredUp

  10. artbyandrea:

    A Halloween kitty costume that I built and sold a couple years ago!

  11. EF19 An it breaks the hearts … think love is only … - by Avallah

  12. Business Professional Kitty 1 - by AboxofDeth

  13. farukucostumes:

    The FarukuCostumes youtube channel is now being updated!

    I’ll be making weekly/bi-weekly posts on fursuit updates, general costumes, dressmaking/cosplay, Q+A, Convention adventures and tutorials.

     ~ http://www.youtube.com/user/farukucostumes ~

  14. Casey Lion - by Faruku

    It’s not often that I say a fursuit is completely and utterly perfect in every detail and form. But HOLY shit. My heart is melting at how amazing this is. MELTING. 

    I’m tagging this perfection oh my goooood!!!!!

  15. For Narnia! - by TwitchyTigs