2. Rowsby the wirehaired pointing Griffon dog!


  3. everyone could always use a little more pug in their life, am I right! ( : heres my puggie suit!



  4. i wasn’t sure if you accepted unfinished fursuits, but I just want some opinions on this so far.

    she’s a cat, my fursona Cybera to be exact. what do you guys think??

    if you don’t take unfinished/wip suits, sorry for bothering you then ;o;

    NO! We love WIPS!~ we even have a wip tag ;3 This one is too good, it looks pretty much done and just lacking some fuzz. <3 Don’t forget to post the results too!


  6. fursuitswag:

    I posted a lot of stuff today. Are you not appeased?!?


    Also 1,000 followers. woo hoo~ mini party.

  7. favorite fursuiters (in no particular order) | flux

    photo credit (x) videos (x x x x)


  8. Loke Snowpaw

  9. design for a fursuit i want created one day. :) i had fun coming up with this one.

    It’s always amazing to see concepts come to life.

    This little guy looks like he’ll be a beaut! I love orangebluemixies!

    Here’s Wylee’s fursuit concept art

    I still can’t believe sometimes how this ref art my best friend drew on a random sunday is now strutting around. 

    Please post your fursuit pics when this little guy comes to life! Also anyone else want to enter their concerpt art and fursuit pics that match them please do ;3 

    - SP

  10. whisski:

    Photos of my Lemur head I won from FuckYeahFursuiting's amazing charity raffle! This head was a collaboration between AutmnFallings and PhoenixWolfSuits and it is an absolute work of art!

    Thank you so much to FYF for organizing the charity raffle, AutumnFallings and PhoenixWolf for creating such a stupendous little Lemur, it’s gonna be an honor to wear this little darling around!

    Thank you so, so much!

    (Note: The hand paws are part of another fur suit partial of mine, I just wanted to have some more convincing photos. I’ll be making a partial for it soon!)

    You are welcome wisski! Thanks for donating and bringing this little lemur to life!

    I can’t wait to start the next charity raffle. :3 Should be up and going by end of May!


  11. everydayunaveragegirl asked: Do you know of any furmeets or fur cons up near Amarillo Texas?

    followers may have suggestions. :o

  14. shadowdestroyer:

    Almost forgot fursuit friday on here! D:

    This week’s theme, photos from Anthrocon.

    (via heads-and-tails-fursuits)

  15. omgfursuits:

    "The Lighthouse."

    @orzel’s “Jetsam”. Taken at the Pigeon Point Light Station (http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=533) in 2011 by @chancehusky.